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How to buy tickets for the US Masters Tournament

To buy Masters tickets is not impossible but they are some of the most exclusive tickets in all of sports.

How to buy tickets for the US Masters Tournament? (Getty Images)
How to buy tickets for the US Masters Tournament? (Getty Images)

If you want to get Masters Tickets you will need a lot of luck and money. To get Masters Tickets is not impossible but they are some of the most exclusive tickets in all of sports. Therefore, they cost thousands of dollars. But there is good news: In 2012 the Augusta National Golf Club announced to give away a small amount of tickets through random lottery in the future. This is the first time for the public to get Masters Tickets (for tournament round one to round four) since 1972. Back then the Augusta National Golf Club started a waiting list, which had to be closed in 1978 in the course of high demand.

Buy Masters Tickets for Tournament Play

Since 2012 fans have a small chance to get leftover Masters Tickets for tournament play. Every year the Masters Tournament gets back a small number of tickets because of deceased ticket holders or other reasons. In the years before these tickets would just lose their validity but since 2012 the Masters gives them away to the public through random lottery.

To participate in the lottery fans need to register on the Masters Homepage. They will get annual notifications when the application process begins, shortly after the Masters. The applicants have to deposit their credit cards. The lottery winners will receive the confirmation by E-Mail and will have to pay for the tickets afterwards. The organizers do not tell beforehand how many tickets are available, but it is assumed that there are only a few left and the odds are accordingly small.

Furthermore, there are a lot of ticket brokers that buy tickets from longtime Masters patrons and sell them on multiple platforms. These tickets, however, are very expensive and cost up to five-digit amounts.

Buy Masters Tickets as Soon as Possible

If you look on ticket exchange websites you better buy your Masters Tickets as soon as possible because there is only a limited stock. Last but not least you can also show up in front of Augusta National and hope to find some tickets on the black market. But pay attention: In 2001 the state of Georgia legalized ticket scalping if it is at least 1,500 feet away from the event location. In addition, the risk to get counterfeit tickets is immensely high.

Buy Masters Tickets for Practice Rounds

Access to practice rounds is a lot easier than to tournament play. Tickets for practice rounds can be purchased either on multiple reselling platforms or the official Masters website. Golf fans have to apply online on the Masters website to get practice round tickets. If you get some and how many you get is the result of random allocation. The application process usually starts one or two months after the tournament.

Masters Tournament Ticket Office

The Masters Tournament Ticket Office is responsible for any requests and can be contacted at (001) 706 667-6700.

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